You love music right?images (20)

You plug in your earpiece or headset half of the day,

you have those heavy speakers where you blast music in your living room,

you play music with your computer more than you use Microsoft office,

you watch music videos almost all the time you tune on your TV

and you play your favorite songs in your car stereo.

Let me guess, you are not a disc jockey or a music producer.

You listen to music heavily just for fun without making money or getting any value out of it.

You really want this to change because you cannot do without music. You know it is possible to do more than just listen to music. You know you can use music to improve your work productivity, but you don’t know how.

There must be a way out and we will get to the bottom of the situation together.

Why you need to optimize your music listening skills

You cannot spend so much time listening to music without getting adequate values out of it. In-fact, the god of time will not be happy with you spending his priceless gift that way.

Before you go ahead in trying to optimize your music listening, you need to ask one fundamental question. Can the kind of music you listen, create value on its own? Does it contain valuable content that can impact your life?

I just hope you are not spending your music listening energy on the popular genre of songs called trash can (pangolo) music.

Okay, a quick definition of trash can (pangolo) music for those who don’t know. It’s that kind of music that only moves your body but cannot improve your thinking; it moves your mind to unrealistic obscurity but cannot improve your personality or attitude.

It is only a clean music that can create an optimal music listening experience for you. If you have successfully answered that question and made the necessary changes, then you can start your optimization process.

Optimizing your music listening is extremely important in helping you add value to your life and increase your productivity.

Three simple steps to enhance your productivity via optimized music

  1. Detect the music that works for you

God made everyone of us with different tastes and flavours. This result in humans detecting what works for them in every sphere of life or else you will not find your feet in life.

You need to know the genre of music that suits your personality and your seasons. You need to know the kind of music that energizes you. We were made to attract things we like. The best way to detect your kind of music is to try out the best of all genres.

The ones that suit you will automatically fall in line and you can then have a good priority list of genres. For example, some people prefer to wake up to soft background music while others like heavy metal music in the morning.


  1. Create your playlist

A playlist is the most efficient way of organizing your music in a special way to suit your activities. There are different kinds of playlist you can create based on your preferences.

Genre playlist: This is a music organization based on genres such as rap, r&b, soul, rock, reggae etc. This helps you to easily access the beats or songs that energizes you at the moment.

Message playlist: This is a music organization based on the message contained in the music such as inspirational, love, heartbreak, forgiveness etc. This helps you to address a particular issue or eliminate depression.

Tempo playlist: This is a music organization based on the tempo of the song such as fast, mid or slow tempo. This enables you to easily switch mood and create a different atmosphere.

Some songs may fall into more than one playlist, which is fine; all you need to do is to create a copy of the song and place in the desired playlist.

After creating your playlist, you need to always remember to update the playlist with your new songs. You can set a time for this task such as once in a month. You also need to ensure that the playlist is available on all your gadgets such as pc, phone and tablets. This is the only way you can maximize the content of the music


  1. Utilize your playlist correctly

After going through the pain of creating a good playlist, it will be a sin if you do not utilize it correctly. Utilization is the most complex part of the music optimization scheme. You need to find a way to adapt your playlist to your circumstances and tasks.

For example, you may prefer your slow tempo playlist during your brainstorming sessions while the Rock playlist works best for your leisure reading.

Based on research and observation, the following typical tasks can be used as a template.

Repititive work: Music is consistently helpful for repetitive tasks such as a routine job, home cleaning and manual work amongst others. The music brings a good mood that enables you overcome the boredom in the task. Fast tempo, pop and happy music playlist might work best here depending on the specific task involved.

Immersive work: such as studying, brainstorming and writing tasks usually requires a soft background music that will not interfere with the brain strings. Fast music also tends to work when the music is repetitive such as instrumentals, music beats and electric music.

Creative tasks: Music helps to extremely enhance your creativity on special tasks. The message playlist works best in this case. The message in the music, if valuable, can emancipate creative thoughts. For example, a pastor preparing for a forgiveness sermon, a relationship expert trying to counsel a heart break victim, a dancer trying to learn a new step, a comedian writing a new script, a motivational speaker preparing for the next speech and a politician preparing for a campaign.


Now that you know what to do

It’s better to halt the optimization process at this point, in order for you to implement these tips. I will delve deeper into some advanced tips in subsequent posts. I know this playlist process might be cumbersome, but I will help you out with some materials.

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Hurray!!! Now we are friends and we can relate more on a personal level in order to help each other adequately.

The bad news is that you have been wasting precious time listening to music, the good news is that the optimization of your music has started already. Cheers!!!

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