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Our theme for this week is a very sensitive one that affects everyone of us,

no matter who and where we are.PLAYLIST OF THE WEEK

There has been recent terrorist attacks in many areas of the world such as Nigeria, Mali, France, Lebanon and Syria.

We decided to turn the light of our music playlist towards World Peace Music in order to give the victims a new hope and to encourage people to show Love to them in this trying times.

Last week, the playlist focused on songs that can help you overcome fear.

Normally, in the last/fourth week of the month, we are usually unrestricted to genre and type of music. Therefore, we called it a mixed music playlist.

we present to you 5 great songs and a video focusing on World peace.


Video of the Week

 Peace Around the World by Annie Sings ft. Sammie Okposo, Henry Soul, Jaywon, Lamboginny, Onos, Nene Soul Diva, Sultan Abdul amongst others.

Annie is a Nigerian inspirational artiste. She has been a renowned peace advocate for many years, using her music to support global peace. Her video, Peace around the World is one of her big efforts in promoting peace, particularly in Northern Nigeria where there has been severe terrorist attacks. The video features several artiste appearances and they all delivered worthy messages of peace and Love. The video was shot in a full white apparel which speaks peace in its whole essence.


Playlist of the Week

Where is the Love by Black Eyed Peas

bepBlack Eyed Peas is an innovative Rap/Pop group in America. They have been on top of their game for over a decade with about 7 albums to their credit. They are known for exceptional videos and chart topping hits. Where is the Love? Is one of their massive hits from the Elephunk Album. The song was released over 10 years ago, probably written to address the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but its content remains relevant till date. The song is filled with heavy rap lines touching issues such as love, terrorism, racism and peace.



Fire on the Mountain by Asa

?attachment_id=1119Asa is a singer and songwriter with a soulful heart and sonorous voice. Born in Paris, she ignited her music passion in Nigeria and now she makes music for the World. With 4 albums under her belt, she has all the musical power to change the World. Fire on the Mountain was one of her music hits. The song depicts the title exactly. There is fire on the mountain and nobody is running. The songs talks about people feeling unconcerned about minor killings in small areas; those killings are bound to spread on a larger scale if nothing is done to curb it.



I Believe by Mali Music

maliMali Music is an American recording artist, singer-songwriter and producer. He is widely known for his vocal strength and emotional music. His latest album titled “Mali is” was released in 2014 and it featured the powerful song “I believe”. I believe is a song that reminds us about the scripture prophesies. There are no rumours anymore but wars are happening already. The song encourages us to look on the brighter side of faith inspite of all the homicide, genocide and suicide in the World today.



Peace by R Kelly

rkellyR Kelly is an Award winning American singer, songwriter and record producer. He is often referred to as the King of R&B with over 10 albums to show for it. Peace is a song that was released in 2004 under his happy people album. The song is a proclamation of World peace through prayer. We need peace all around the World and we can only achieve it by shinning our light says R Kelly.



Imagine by A Perfect Circle

imagineA Perfect Circle is an American rock super-group. They went on hiatus working on personal projects in 2004 and now, they are back together working on group projects. Imagine is a deep song that will move you to think about the World and the possibilities of a new World if we can imagine it. The song was a remake to John Lennon’s original version but with a deeper interpretation. Imagine preaches a message of Peace, Love and Understanding.



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