Political Songs that describes the situation in Nigeria

Political songs

Although, today is democracy day in Nigeria, it is evident that Nigerians are not yet enjoying the dividends of democracy.

Real democratic Government is the Government of the people, by the people for the people. Can we say the current Government in Nigeria meets these requirements? This is a crucial question we need to ask from our politicians and leaders as we mark another democracy day as a Nation.

In order to answer this question, we present to you our playlist for this month which focuses on political songs that perfectly describes the current state of the Nation.


Video of the Week: I go yarn by Eldee

“I go yarn” is a classic political song that brings together all the issues we have been facing as a nation. Eldee speaks from the bottom of his heart in a bid to encourage people to keep demanding for their right. This song represents an emotional and thoughtful piece of art that can bring common sense back to any Nigerian politician. The video depicts the sufferings of the common man alongside Eldee’s angry face as he urges us to speak out against a selfish Government.


Playlist of the week

I don’t wanna by GT the Guitarman Ft. Naeto C

gtI don’t wanna is an ever-conscious song by the vocal power house and string man, GT the guitarman. This song was one of the hits on his debut album titled “The Truth”. The lyrics of the song still remains relevant till today and can easily pass as a song that was released today. Gt perfectly describes the current challenges of the Nation while perfectly delivering with his sonorous voice.


Local Government by Tha Suspect Ft. M.I

political songsAfter releasing a successful protest song, “subsidy”, during the 2011 subsidy removal protests, Tha suspect comes back big with a better and refined political song. “Local Government” is a blend of afro-beat, highlife and excellent lyrics. Both “Suspect” and “M.I” delivered excellently while chanting that the people are the Local Government for their selves if they protect their area, provide electricity and provide water for their family. This seems to be the current situation in Nigeria.


Soul is heavy by Nneka

Political songsWhen an artiste in Diaspora composes more songs about her Country then you know she must be a passionate Nigerian. This describes Nneka and her unique Afro-reggae sound. “Soul is heavy” is one of her songs where she bares her mind about the state of her nation. The song is a call not to allow the effort of our heroes past (Jaja of Opobo, Ken Sarowiwa and Isaac Boro) to go in vain.


Politics by KK and Omari

Political SongsPolitics is a smooth rap song that was motivated by the past political administration in Nigeria. Omari spits out the bitter truth about the issues plaguing our nation and how our Politician makes insincere promises. The song brings to light the issues we go through as a nation.


2010 by Soundsultan Ft. M.I.

Political songsAs the title depicts, “2010” is a political song released in year 2010 as a reminder for the Nigerian Government about their promise to provide constant electricity supply by the year 2010. Soundsultan and M.I speaks specifically about the electricity problem and how this has stalled our collective progress as a Nation.


Be encouraged to stand up for your right and create a better Nigeria.

Happy Democracy Day!!!


About the author: A Music enthusiast and an upcoming Disc Jockey. Constantly acquiring the skills to change the World through music. http://folaeclipse.thecleanvibes.com


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