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The clean Vibes is a platform that was conceived to promote exclusively clean entertainment content by effective filtering of media content. We intend to provide clean entertainment for the enhancement of the Soul in order to achieve our main goal which is to create Clean Music, Clean Mind and a Clean Man.



The specific objectives of is explicitly stated below:



1. To encourage music artistes to produce clean and valuable entertainment content. We believe that valuable music content can positively influence the community. We will achieve this by promoting only the clean mainstream music as well as rating music artistes according to how much value they create with their products.

2. To provide valuable entertainment content to music lovers. We believe that the mind is the greatest asset of a Man. We want to help people guard what goes into their mind in order to create better thinkers and creative people. We will achieve this by entertaining our subscribers with clean and refreshing content.

3. To enhance the work productivity of people by teaching them how to listen to music optimally. We believe music has the power to influence our mood, feelings and emotions in a way that can help us work optimally. We will achieve this by providing tips on when to listen to music, what kind of music to choose, how to extract value from music and which work tasks can be improved.

4. To create a leverage for the booming Christian music. We have noticed the increasing diversity of Christian artistes which spans through Hip-hop, R&B, Afro-pop, Rap, Reggae and Rock. We believe this kind of music creates high value with directed messages that is useful for the community. We will achieve this by connecting music lovers to this valuable content.





Fola-Eclipse is a passionate entertainment influencer and a music enthusiast. His entertainment carrier commenced at the University where he pioneered several entertainment shows. He was the founder of the Enthral Concept club. He developed the edutainment project in which basic entertainment tools were used to educate and motivate students.

He does not sing or play any music instrument (*surprised*) but he is a music enthusiast and an aspiring disc jockey.

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